Upscale Southern Food In Charleston, SC

The upscale southern food craze has certainly swept Charleston by storm, with various southern inspired restaurants popping up all over town. However, nowhere else is modern Southern cuisine taken on with more care and attention to detail than at Pawpaw. Dinner at Pawpaw is no exception to our strong commitment to honoring Southern classics while offering innovative culinary presentations.

At dinnertime, our Southern cuisine is built upon that the idea that delicious, handcrafted food and drink should be shared with those closest to us. With softly lit tables and wide ranging menus, dinner at Pawpaw truly fosters connections and, above all, a memorable dinner. Join us this evening for a truly wonderful meal.

Modern Southern Cuisine Dishes

Not all dinner menus are created equal. For one, very few Southern restaurant menus offer the local-centric approach found at Pawpaw. Expertly seasoned steaks, a rotating selection of seasonally available seafood, and handcrafted salads are just some of the highlights of our expansive and ever-changing dinner service menu.

An attention to low country classics sourced from local areas is a pinnacle of modern southern cuisine, and this focus is found across our menu at Pawpaw. Duck, poultry, beef, and grains are all sourced regionally and in season.

Upscale southern food does not mean that our food is inaccessible. Our atmosphere is warm and inviting, perfect for a friendly get together or a family meal. While our masterful chefs always work to produce fresh, innovative takes on dishes, you’ll find many regional and traditional classics on our dinner menu that you’ll certainly be familiar with. And be sure to keep coming back, as our offerings change regularly along with the rhythms of the local environment.

Regional Beverages

To compliment your meal, you’ll find a great selection of hand-picked local and regional beverages. From local craft beer to regional artisanal wine, there’s something for everyone. And don’t miss our famous cocktails, with local favorites like the “Why Haven’t I Met Bill Murray?”—a smoky Old Fashioned with a twist. Joins us tonight!