Enjoy Upscale Comfort Food at Pawpaw

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Some foods just bring us a calm reassurance while reminding us of home or family. We call that “comfort food.” Pawpaw Southern Plates boasts an impressive menu that combines Southern comfort food with a creative culinary approach. If you’re in the mood for upscale comfort food in a contemporary, welcoming atmosphere, visit Pawpaw on East Bay Street in the heart of downtown Charleston!

Pawpaw, A New Charleston Classic

Located on East Bay Street just a short walk from the Charleston Market, Pawpaw Southern Plates is proud to offer a quintessentially southern menu and atmosphere, with a modern twist. Our restaurant provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with wood floors and exposed brick throughout. More importantly, we’re proud to offer menu selections that depend on family farms and locally sourced ingredients.

Comfort Food Appetizers

Our appetizer menu offers a few selections that are likely very familiar to most of our patrons. But you’ll also enjoy a creative culinary twist in even the most classically Southern selections. For instance, our Buttermilk Biscuits are served with pimento cheese, wildflower honey butter, and strawberry jalapeno jam. Delicious! Our Mac & Cheese is also a house favorite, featuring our house made pasta, cheese mornay, bacon, and breadcrumbs.

Comfort Food Entrees

Our dinner menu boasts several comfort food favorites, as well. Our Custom-Blend Beef Burger is a high-quality take on a classic that any burger connoisseur will surely approve of. And our famous Pawpaw’s Recipe #89 Free Range Fried Chicken is the height of comfort food, served with classic sides of collard greens, potato puree and gravy, and Nashville hot butter.

Visit Pawpaw Tonight

Pawpaw Southern Plates is the ideal stop for anyone looking for classic comfort food or upscale southern recipes in the heart of Charleston. If you’re in the mood for the classic taste of Buttermilk Biscuits, Mac & Cheese, or Fried Chicken, come in to Pawpaw tonight!

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