The Ultimate Guide To Pairing Drinks With Your Food

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In this ultimate guide to pairing drinks with your food, you’ll find it’s really not as hard as you think to strike the perfect balance of flavor. You don’t have to compromise your favorite dish or drink, but you can simply build off it to create your ideal meal. And, with our extensive food and drink menu here at Paw Paw, there are really no wrong choices. Make your reservation and try out some of these lovely pairings.

Compliment Your Glass Of Red Wine

Red meat and a glass of Pinot Noir or a Cabernet is a simple, straightforward combination that compliments one another perfectly. If you’re considering our USDA Prime 8 Ounce Terez Bistro Steak, take a look at our selection of artesian wines on tap to enhance your meal. The robust taste of both the steak and the wine truly brings out the others’ bold flavor.

Perfect Pairings With White Wine

If you’re a white wine lover, you’ll want to pair your varietal with a lighter dish with less robust flavors as compared to red wine pairings. We recommend ordering the Local Shrimp Linguine that’s created with a garlic cream sauce, heirloom tomatoes, parmesan, and breadcrumbs. The subtle sweetness of the wine is a nice refresher to the savory entrée, and will leave you anticipating your next bite!

What Goes With Beer?

When it comes to beer, just keep it simple: nothing beats the taste of an ice-cold beer with a juicy burger. We offer four, rotating local beers on tap for you to sample, a wide selection of craft beer, and all of your favorite domestic selections. Our burger is wood-fired to perfection, stacked on a toasted brioche roll, and topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, housemade pickles, sharp cheddar, and bacon. This classic pairing is truly one of the best.

How To Handle Cocktails

Along with our beer and wine menu, we have plenty of signature cocktails for you to try. If you tend to order sweeter drinks, like our Palmetto Handshake, you should consider a savory entrée so as not to muddle the flavors of each of your choices. Our Carolina Fresh Fish, served with andouille sausage and creole butter, is often a fan favorite that works nicely with a sweet, iced cocktail.

However, if you enjoy a drink with more citrus flavor, it will work best with a lighter dish such as the Vegetable Pesto Orecchiette, complete with seasonal vegetables, a garlic cream sauce, breadcrumbs, and a sprinkling of bacon.

Enjoy an Evening at Paw Paw

If this ultimate guide to pairing drinks with your food has you feeling prepped for your next meal, test out your new skills here with us at Paw Paw. Our Southern cuisine with a twist will expand your palate, and combined with the right drink, will offer you a whole new kind of dining experience. Make your reservation with us any night of the week, and begin tasting Charleston’s fantastic local flavors.

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