Pawpaw Among The Most Romantic Restaurants In Charleston, SC

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Have a big first date coming up or want to share a wonderful evening with your significant other? A romantic restaurant can make all the difference. Within the crowded field of Charleston date destinations, Pawpaw was recently ranked within the most romantic restaurants in Charleston, SC by Open Table. With all the right dining options and a warm, unique atmosphere, Pawpaw offers the perfect ambiance for romance.

An Alluring Menu

One look at Pawpaw’s menu reveals delicious, locally inspired dishes that are the perfect complement to good company. You and your significant other can sample appetizers like irresistible Buttermilk Biscuits or entrées like Free-Range Fired Chicken that speak directly to the culinary tradition of the lowcountry.

To complete your special evening out, Pawpaw has the drinks and deserts to suit. With beverages ranging from expertly crafted cocktails to carefully selected wines and locally brewed beers, there’s a refreshment for every taste. After your meal, desserts like our southern-inspired Fluffy Beignets or even a special, after-dinner drink like our Southern Amaro are the perfect end to a delightful evening.

From small plates to desserts that demand to be shared, Pawpaw’s menu is just part of what makes our romantic restaurant an obvious date night choice.

Unmatched Ambiance

Situated in the heart of downtown Charleston’s historic district, it’s hard to separate Pawpaw’s special, romantic atmosphere from its location. Surrounded by history, architectural beauty, and unique Charleston culture, Pawpaw sets the scene for a perfect evening. With an interior space that combines the best of traditional architecture and modern design innovation, you and your date can enjoy an atmosphere that is an excellent accompaniment to a romantic evening.

With handcrafted dishes and an unbeatable setting, there’s hardly a better place for a date than Pawpaw! Come in tonight and find out what makes Pawpaw one of the most romantic restaurants in Charleston, SC!

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