As the son of a pastry chef mother and restaurateur father, Jared K. Jones formed a deep connection to restaurants, good food, and hospitality culture at a very young age. Whether he was peeling potatoes in the kitchen or toasting baguettes for customers in the front of house, as soon as he could see over the counter top, he always wanted to be a part of the action as a young boy.

General Manager Jones’s official hospitality career began to take shape at Southend Brewery and Amen Street through the 2000’s. After a number of years working in the back and front of house, he dove into a project of his own when he started Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse. Filling a void in the Charleston culinary scene for locally produced artisan cheese, his cheese company took off, producing 600 lbs. a month. Jones decided to sell the company in 2013 and returned to his father’s company to help manage his latest project.

As Assistant General Manager at Stars: Rooftop & Grill Room, he helped turn the King Street restaurant into the bustling, high-end bar and grill that it is today. After nearly a lifetime working within the family business, Jared K. Jones has partnered with his father, J. Keith Jones to open a thoroughly modern Southern eatery. Jones Jr. will be responsible for putting together Pawpaw’s beverage program and is currently co-authoring a book with Jones Sr. about wine tasting.

Jones Jr. has exerted ceaseless energy for almost a year to build relationships with local, boutique vineyards from North Carolina, where he’s found a multitude of magnificent, world-class wines being produced. North Carolina is the oldest wine producing states in the USA and has been quietly winning international awards for 120 years. GM Jones hopes to create a restaurant culture that fosters a spirit of giving and community among co-workers, customers, purveyors, local producers, and the community as a whole.